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Concrene® - Graphene Reinforced Concrete

An innovative material for the construction market with higher durability, strength and water resistance

Published: 14th July 2020
Concrene® - Graphene Reinforced Concrete
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Carbon emissions from cement manufacturing and heat generated by the concrete hardening process are a significant contributor to global warming. This technology enables structures to achieve the same compressive and flexural strength but using up to 30% less material.

Technology Overview

This technology consists of proprietary formulations and methods for producing concrete reinforced with graphene. The addition of the graphene improves the chemical reactions of concrete hardening thus leading to improved strength and water resistance. The technology has established proof of concept in trials with a multinational corporate cement manufacturer.

Further details of the properties and mechanical performance of this material are published in Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 28, Issue 23, 6 June 2018, 1705183


The key benefits of Concrene® over standard concrete mixes are:

  • Up to 40% stronger - higher compressive and flexural strength allow for a reduction in the overall volume and less steel reinforcement is required which is particularly favourable for the precast market
  • Improved water resistance which increases the serviceability and durability of the end product - lower maintenance costs, lower steel corrosion and slower deterioration
  • A greener product, using less cement (or other binders) and a lower volume of materials on construction sites leads to lower heat emissions from the exothermic concrete hardening process


This technology is applicable to both the ready mix and precast concrete markets. The reduced water permeability makes this material potentially suitable for structures in areas liable to flooding.


The University of Exeter are keen to form alliances and welcome dialogue with potential partners interested in licensing, utilising or developing products based on this technology via spin‑out company Concrene Ltd.

IP Status
  • Patent application submitted
  • University spin out
  • Commercial partner
  • Licensing
  • Development partner
  • Seeking investment